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Est: Collected Reports from East Anglia


ISBN: 978-0-9931259-0-4
Retail price: £9.99
272 pages

'Strange, reflective, memorable and odd as the region itself'
Libby Purves, Country Life

A journey through the landscapes of East Anglia, Est is a unique collection of prose, poetry and reportage that spans the Wash to the Thames and the Fens to the German Sea. The texts merge psychogeography, social history, personal memoir and travel writing with discourses on local fable, art, archaeology and conservation. The collection explores the salt marshes and creeks, the sand and shingle beaches, the remains of Roman and Anglo-Saxon dwellings, the giant skies, interior geographies and, perhaps most of all, human histories, to paint an enigmatic picture of East Anglia today – while referencing more than 260 places in the region.

List of Contributors:
Melinda Appleby
MW Bewick
Edmund Blakeney
James Canton
Philip Crummy
Tim Cunningham
Ivan Cutting
Mark Deal
Luke Elwes
Elaine Ewart
Tim Gardiner
Lander Hawes
Robert Jackson
Antony Johae
Ella Johnston
Peter Kennedy
Poppy Kleiser
Thyrza Leyshon
Chris Maillard
Adrian May
Laurence Mitchell
Wendy Mulford
Martin Newell
Chris Petit
Rosie Sandler
David Southwell
Darren Tansley
Jennifer Walford